Improve the State of Your Building

Freshen up your office with commercial painting in Schaumburg, IL

Stop staring at the same boring walls every day from eight to five. Change things up with RM Services, Inc. We'll complete any commercial painting you need. We can add a pop of color to your industrial or commercial location for an affordable price. By the time we're done, you'll feel like you're in a whole new building.

We can paint in addition to remodeling and maintenance work, or we can do it as its own project. You get to choose which color you want gracing your walls. We'll put the work in so your place can look exactly the way you want it.

Contact us today to ask about commercial painting in Schaumburg, IL.

Count on us the next time you need welding services

Welding isn't something you want to take chances on. Make sure you reach out to qualified experts to perform welding services for you. With our fabrication skills, we can create any machine or tool you need. In addition to welding, we also take care of:

  • Custom carpentry
  • Tile installation
  • Wall repair or teardown
  • Preventive plumbing
  • Rooftop unit maintenance
  • Chiller upkeep

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